The most established Mobile Guitar Teacher in Lancashire and Greater Manchester with over 25 years full time teaching experience!

Rob Ainscough teaches acoustic guitar, electric and bass guitar to complete beginners right through to practicing musicians of professional ability.

Home guitar lessons in every popular style to all ages, from kids to adults, at only £24 for a one hour lesson.

In 2006, Rob played guitar inside the Big Brother house with his band's rock version of Paul Oakenfold and Andy Gray's theme tune for the reality TV show.
This was their second appearance on the show after having performed on Big Brother's Little Brother weeks earlier.

Rock Guitar Amplifier

Learn to play like your idols, learn the songs you want to play!

Whether you're into rock, pop, metal, blues, indie, punk, funk, reggae, jazz, classical, ska, folk, country or slide, any style you care to name, I can teach it to you on guitar or bass.

METAL - Scales, sweeps, arpeggios, harmonic squeals, fingerpicking, harmonics, tapping, shredding, I can teach you all the techniques you deserve to know.

BLUES - Full blues lead guitar secrets, techniques and theory explained.

Learn every guitar secret in the book and all the ones the ones that have been left out!


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I also give guitar lessons in Chorley and surrounding areas and regularly teach guitar lessons in Bolton.